High HyalPlus


High HyalPlus
Product name High Hyalplus Inj. (Sodium Hyaluronate/Prefilled)
Ingredient Each 1ml contains: Sodium hyaluronate(EP).......10mg
Description Colorless and transparent viscous fluid is filled in a glass tube or plastic tuve corked up and down with rubber stopper
Indication Treatment of Deformative osteoarthritis of the knees and shoulder periarthritis.
Dosage and Administration For adults, 1 syringe is injected into the cavity of knee joint or shoulder joint (glenohumeral joint, intra-subacromial bursa or intra-biceps tendon sheath) once a week for three weeks consecutively. Injection frequency can be adjusted according to symptoms. This medicine is injected intra -articularly therefore shall be adminstrated under strict aseptic operation.
Caution Refer to the inser paper
How supplied 2.0ml(1 syringe) x 3
Store in light-resistant hermetically container at 2~8℃.