Ascorbic Acid


Ascorbic Acid
Main indications 1. Treatment and prevnetion of Vitamin C deficiency (scurvy, etc.)
2. Various physical states when the requirement for Vitamin C increases
(Atriphic disease, pregnant women, nursing mothers, atientes with problems in drug absorption, post-operative patients, during heavy physical exentions, etc.)
Other indications This drug may be administered to the following disease:
Phrenoplegia, formation of bone matrix in apophyseal facture, stimulat anaphylaxis, light hypersensitive dermatitis, internal heorhage due to explosion of capilary, hematuria, Vitamin X deficiency caused by drug administration (salucylates, atropine, ammonium chloride, barbiturates), discoloration on the sace, freckle, settlement of pigment after the inflammation.

The usual dese of adults is 500 - 1,000mg of absorbic acid IM, SC, IV in one or divided closes. Dosage may be increased and reduced according to age and symptom.
Active ingredient Ascorbic acid 10g
Inactive ingredient EDTA Sodium 5mg
Store in light-resistant and hermetic container at 2 C - 8C
2mL x 50Amps